Assassins Creed Unity: A Broken Mess 5 Patches Later

23 Dec , 2014   Video

Ubisoft have patched the game four times, yet the game is still riddled with bugs and feels broken half the time you play the game online. Needless to say Ubisoft are so good at creating bugs that they even managed to create a bug in the Update 4 patch making some users have to re-install the game. We have played the game post update 4 and can confirm the game still needs further patches for it to be enjoyable without the needless frustration. Watch the video as we uncover an hilarious but rather distracting bug whilst we run down with our biggest ‘bug-bears’ about the game.



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  1. Crystal says:

    I don’t think a fifth patch is likely. I’ve completed the singleplayer campaign starting after patch 4 and I’ve walked on water, been stuck running in place, got stuck in a hole in the underground because Arno wouldn’t pull himself up, or navigate to another corner <-this required a checkpoint restart. The game froze twice within 30 minutes of play (I think the companion app had something to do with this) it was fine after I disabled it, which you shouldn't have to do! Lastly, I had a few mission npc's get stuck while I was following them, requiring checkpoint restarts. In co-op, I experienced lag, and freezing during host migrations, which sucks because usually this requires you to restart the mission, and the load times are absurdly long. The navigation is horrendous; Arno must be made of paste because he sticks to almost everything and has a tendency to jump everywhere except where you want him to. Good luck entering a window quickly. The stealth is atrociously bad. Honestly, if they left it out completely, the game would have been roughly the same. I'd like to see another patch, but I'm not convinced it would help. The game is too far gone to be fixed by patching. This is based on the XBOX ONE build.

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