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Battlefield 1 Beta Whores Play

3 Sep , 2016   Video

We check out the Battlefield 1 open beta and give it a spin. We fly, shoot from tanks and no scope from horses. EA’s latest edition to the series is shaping up to be the very best in the Battlefield series and is an instant buy day one in the GSW camp. Check out our Whores Play episode for a 15 minute highlight reel of our play session.

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2 Responses

  1. hvd2222 says:

    the game is just a snipe fest.run to point a get sniped run to point b get sniped.run buy a building and get sniped form people hiding inside.those tired of getting sniped get in to vehicles that sums up battle field for you…no thx.

    i had a lot more fun in the titanfall 2 beta.since you have no movement ability in bf1 you are just going to get sniped all game.i will pass in bf1 and get titan fall 2 because i felt it had the better multiplayer for me.

  2. Riki Nazeboo says:

    Titanfall 2 ?? Oh come on!
    Battlefield 1 is something i was waiting for since BF2!

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