Bethesda E3 2015 Conference Summary

15 Jun , 2015  

Good Morning! E3 has finally begun and by the time you have woken up in the UK the first of the press conferences has now ended. Bethesda has already won an accolade at E3, for being the first company to leak a game announcement by streaming some of their dry run press conference rehearsal on Twitch! Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for latest screenshots from the conference. But this does present a historic moment for Bethesda, it is their first conference at E3 and Peter Hines looked clearly emotional when he arrived on stage.

Fallout 4


Introduced by Todd Howard, Bethesda wrap up their E3 conference with a showing of Fallout 4, so what to expect? Well, here is a list of some of the things we picked up from what we got shown. Remember you can get all of the brand new screenshots for these games on our Facebook page. Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 4 has been in development for the last six years. Fallout 4 starts before the nuclear war begins, which explains much of the trailer. The character creation mode on Fallout 4 is seamless using sculpting techniques, there are no sliders. You can also play as a female in Fallout 4 also. In Fallout 4 you end up re-appearing out of the vault 200 years later, this would indicate cryogenics is featured in this game. What was strange though is the beginning story, either some was purposely cut out or you are conveniently approached by a salesman to sell you space in an underground bomb shelter. It was quite strange how it was presented. Also your robot will be alive, he survives the blast. The dog we saw in the trailer is a stray, when you interact with the dog you can give it a set of commands to carry out certain actions. The V.A.T.S system seems to work exactly the same as it did in previous fallout games. So, more of the great Fallout action, but what is new to the series other than the storyline? It’s actually hard to tell, but one thing is for sure, if you had any concerns over the graphics, fear not! On the second reveal the game does look gorgeous. The Fallout 4 collectors edition was also confirmed. If you buy you can get your own PIP Boy! You input your mobile phone into the PIP boy, download the app and it works just like it does in Fallout 4. The Pipboy app is fully operational and can control all of your stats and upgrades in the actual game itself.

So what was the new feature in Fallout 4? The ability to use resources in the game world to build whatever you want! As you build in Fallout 4 visitors will start to arrive which enables you to get hold of better items and you can even start bringing back power to the Fallout universe and start creating your own defence systems such as turrets. Whether this will get used much by the community it’s unknown, but given the success of Minecraft you can bet this will be popular! Fallout 4 will release November 11th 2015.


Fallout Shelter

Todd Howard has also confirmed a new mobile based game centred around the Fallout universe. He has confirmed that the game is called Fallout Shelter where you get to be the overseer creating your own vault. This sounds like a very good spin off and we can see this being at the top of the iOS charts for some time!. The game will be free and there is no paywall, so you can enjoy the whole experience without being roped into paying for things. The game is available right now as we speak! So take a look out for it in the App Store.

Dishonored 2


Dishonored was a fantastic game when it came out and whilst the Twitch faux-pas has taken some of the excitement out of the release, we can confirm Dishonored 2 is confirmed in the works. In Dishonored 2 you can play the protagonist from the first game or a new female character Emily Caulfield. It has been confirmed the game will be multiplatform. Do not expect anything until 2017 there was no gameplay shown at this conference. Also announced was the Dishonored Definitive Edition, however no confirmation of a re-mastered version of the game. A re-mastering on current generation consoles would be pretty epic!



Doom got the first showing at E3. And boy it looks absolutely intense. The game has the most brutal executions and some of the best looking and realistic weapons we have ever seen, graphically this game is absolutely streets ahead of what is possible on current console hardware at present. Doom is so graphic it makes Mortal Kombat X in comparison look incredibly tame. Everything is beautiful, from the lighting to the  atmospheric use of music. Doom will also have online multiplayer to extend the experience past the single player and even a community editor called Doom Snapmap which allows players to create their own level and game experiences such as Horde mode, a Tony Hawks style high score mode these are just a few to mention. Snap Map is a great way of offering PC gamers the chance to mod freely without having to modify the source of the game. One of the most impressive things about Doom is the attention to detail that has been put not only killing demons but when demons kill you, you can really see that pain through the eyes of the player. In essence Doom looks absolutely insane, incredible amounts of fun and we can only hope it does come to console! Here is hoping anyway. How far we are off from release is unknown, we can confirm there was no hands on demo but the game will be developed using the ID Tech 6 engine,

Elder Scrolls Legends

Bethesda are to release a strategy card game based off of the Elder Scrolls universe. This will excite those that wanted to play Hearthstone but had no affinity with the World of Warcraft world. Due out 2015.    

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