Bethesda launch ‘Paid Mods’ version 2.0 with ‘Creation Club’ Will it work second time round?

12 Jun , 2017  

The Bethesda Key Note at E3 2017 was definitely a brief affair, but something i saw triggered an old, unsettling memory!

Back in 2015 Bethesda and Valve teamed up to produce a marketplace through Steam Workshop that allowed modders to sell their creations for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

While some sung the praises of this new system, there was a huge backlash from the gaming community who objected to paying for items that up until that point were shared openly for free, not to mention users paying for content, then re uploading and selling them as their own product!

After just 2 weeks, Valve pulled the plug saying in a statement, “It’s become clear we didn’t know exactly what we were doing.”

Fast forward to last nights Bethesda Keynote (or 30 minutes of pre rendered trailer…. extravaganza) and you cant help but think that the newly announced ‘Creation Club’ for both The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout 4  is simply a rebranded version of the failed Valve collaboration. Thought it is a positive step in part to overhaul the content management side of things!

This time round players to buy officially sanctioned characters, weapons, and other add-ons created by Bethesda’s own studios and selected third-party developers.

Also available via Creation Club will be new clothes, areas, and even game modes. This all sounds like the kinds of things mods have been bringing to the two games since their release, but Bethesda notes the difference, stating in its FAQ that most of the items for sale will be made internally, by the games’ own development teams, or by other studios under its umbrella.

So basically Paid mods with some in house pizazz thrown in to sweeten the pot.

Modders and gamers in general have not reacted favourably to this new venture. Many stating why bother with this when you can create and share mods freely already. Only time will tell if 2 years on Bethesda can turn this into a success.

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