Project Scorpio Specs Unveiled! – The PC/Console Hybrid?

6 Apr , 2017  

Well, after nearly a year of speculation and in-depth analysis of what Microsoft’s newest console could be, confirmed detailed specs have finally been unveiled by the folks over at Digital Foundry. That’s right, Project Scorpio has been unveiled by Microsoft’s biggest critic. Is this an act of courage or are Microsoft really that confident about […]

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Xbox One Elite Controller Delayed

14 Oct , 2015  

Off the back of our very own pre order we have some unfortunate news to announce. Microsoft have delayed the release date of the Xbox One controller. The new pad sports fully custom control mapping, triggers, d-pads and much more and is widely gaining notoriety in the eSports gaming community. With the delay shipment date […]

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Activision Apologize for Tony Hawks 5, Offers Free Content

8 Oct , 2015  

We contacted Activision in regards to Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5. Initially it was to review the game, to see if the game really was as bad as other review sites have been saying. But review copies have stopped and you can kind of understand why. When probing deeper we asked as to whether Activision […]

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10,000 GP Bonus for PES 2016 Demo Players

5 Oct , 2015  

Did you buy PES 2016 without playing the demo? If you did then you might be kicking yourself around about now as Konami is gifting 10,000 GP for anyone that has played the PES 2016 demo and then bought the full retail game on the same system. Purchasers of PES 2016 still have an opportunity […]

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