Will HoloLens be the one VR device to rule them all?

16 Feb , 2015  

So here I am sitting in my 1 bed flat in West London thinking how on earth am I going to convince my girlfriend we need a HoloLens? With Microsoft’s recent announcement, it’s sparked a want in my life that will hopefully rejuvenate my boyhood/teenage dreams. Let me explain my self a little clearer, I […]

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Game Trials, Why Are Developers Ignoring It?

15 Jan , 2015  

As you are clearly aware, The Gamerscore Whores love the Xbox One. But there has been a lingering annoyance that has been present since the console launched. Back when the Xbox One launched in November 2013, the console did not support trials for Xbox Arcade games. I distinctly remember this being a frustration as some […]

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