The Gamerscore Whores 2016 Gaming Predictions

14 Dec , 2015  

If you have been a loyal fan of ours then you will know that we have somewhat developed an art for making correct predictions. So much so we have been giving Michael Pachter a run for his money lately. Our 2015 predictions which you can go back and read here  hit with a 90% success rate […]

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Excited by HoloLens? Remember Molyneux & Milo

26 Jul , 2015  

Remember Peter Molyneux prancing on stage at E3 back in the days of the Xbox 360 touting Kinect will change the facing of gaming with it’s peripheral? The very flash demo showing interactive dialogue with a character called Milo blew everyone away. The promise of being able to interact with NPC characters in a game […]

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What Will 2015 Bring For Gaming?

13 Jan , 2015  

There is no doubt about it 2014 ended as an absolute belter for gamers. From September onwards gamers were treated to some absolutely fantastic releases from all platform holders. There was something for everyone. It was a period of time where early console adopters could finally wipe the sweat from their brow and feel comfortable […]

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The Crew Delayed Till 2015? – Gamerscore Whores Predicts

9 Oct , 2014   Video

The Crew has officially been delayed until December 2014 and it enters another closed beta stage to smooth out the countless bugs and glitches with the game. That is an aside from the ropey handling and audio narration that the game itself is suffering from in its present condition. But what other variables could also […]

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