E3 Microsoft 2017 Wrap Up – Xbox One X Reveal & 42 Games!!

16 Jun , 2017   Video

We finally know the name of the most powerful console ever made!!! Project Scorpio was revealed E3 2016 and a year on the Xbox One X is a reality.

Is this the new console king? Can power alone secure victory for team green? Did they do enough to silence the critics? We hopefully answer those questions while giving you our opinion game by game, teraflop by teraflop!

What were your highlights from this years conference? make sure you comment below. Do not forget to follow us to keep up to never an episode of our weekly podcast.

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  1. I think time will tell is Xbox One X gonna be successful in getting more sales with the spec bumps. It’s definitely really powerful than PS4 Pro. But the fact that there are many popular games will be exclusive for PS4 is gonna make it tough for Microsoft. The good thing is, there are still many exciting games like Metro Exodus and Anthem plus 22 exclusive games on Xbox One.

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