EA Have Made FIFA 17 Worse Since E3

20 Aug , 2016   Video

In some bizarre twist of fate EA Sports has managed to make FIFA 17 worse since further development has taken place from the demo shown at E3 and Hammersmith EA Play London. With spongey ball physics, CPU A.I incapable of making mistakes despite their limited star prestige, FIFA 17 went from a truly revolutionary experience for the series into another yearly update with a graphics boost and the Alex Carter journey mode. What has caused the gameplay to change at the moment is a mystery, the Gamescom demo had no slider options so this was the default settings on the unit exhibited at the Xbox area. As massive fans of the series we notably show our frustration during our hands on preview video (above). Did EA accidentally bring an even older version of the code than what was shown 2 months ago?

As things presently stand we anticipated this code to be the final version used for the demo launch which will be around 11th-13th of September. Did EA Sports listen to core fan base feedback and make changes as a result and were the fans themselves responsible for the change? Either way two months ago FIFA 17 started to incorporate some more simulated gaming mechanics which were much welcomed to give the game a new direction. If the final code is going to ship with the same mechanics that we saw in Germany we are going to be somewhat disappointed.

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