EGX 2016

Yooka-Laylee brings back the Banjo Kazooie Platformer! Interview w/ Andy Robinson

When you have the creative talent behind games such as Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country you cannot help but get excited to see the result. Your quest in this platformer is to collect Pagies which will unlock further worlds within the game. Collecting these pagies will help in you thwart corporate creep Capital B in his devilish scheme to absorb all of the worlds books. The story line sounds a little mad, is this a subliminal verse to remind of us of what the Nazi’s did in the second world war to burn all previous records of culture. Hardly…but they must have got the idea from somewhere. Check out our hands on preview of the game right now.


Dishonored 2 – Hands on Preview

When Arkane Studio’s awkwardly showed off Dishonored 2 at E3 this year, we couldn’t help but feel the game looked date. NPC character movement was glaringly unrealistic and robotic which was very surprising to see. We loved the original Dishonored, well up until the point that your foes started acquiring the same powers as your lead character. But the best thing about the game was the varying amount of powers and approaches to combat and objectives that you had, so despite some scepticism on our part, we’re still excited by this one. Check our hands on preview reaction video for our opinions of the game so far.


Sonic Mania is what Sonic 4 should’ve been!

Sonic fans have been through tumultuous times over the last 15 years. From the dreadful Sonic the Hedgehog on Xbox 360, half-baked 3D attempts to beat Sonic Adventure and a myriad of average games over the years, it goes without saying that Sonic has had his fair share of having to pick up the bar of soap and take it dry in review critic prison. However, have SEGA finally picked up on the immediate obvious that all fans really wanted was another Sonic game that played like the days of the Sega Genesis? It would appear so, Sonic Mania could finally be the Sonic game people have been calling out for, for 15 years. We’re eagerly excited to see if they can keep it simple, drop the auto-targeting on enemies and created a fast and thrilling experience with a soundtrack that tattoo’s onto your brain. Check out our hands on impressions to find out if SEGA have finally hit the mark.


Aero gains even more licensed music and some competition! Interview w/ Dan Horbury

We broke a world exclusive last year with exclusive game play of Aaero, a musical shooter that drops bass and dubstep licks better than Big Nastie himself. Back in Birmingham we had a second chance to visit the guys at Madfellows Games before console release of the game that is set to give Xbox One users an alternative to Rez which will be debuting a comeback on Playstation VR. Get ready for the drop!


Mantis Burn Racing – Interview w/ Sean Walsh

We’ve been looking out for a top down racer that competes with the supremely impressive and time testament game Mashed: Driven to Destruction. In our quest to find this game after the disappointment of Obliteracers we turn our hands to VooFoo Studios a developer who’s not escaped our wrath in the past (Pure Pool). Can they muster up the perfect top-down racer and take us back to the halcyon days of the original Xbox? Or is this game going to be another mediocre toe dip into a genre that’s been destined for a new greatness for the last decade. Check out our developer interview to find out more details of this game.


This ROVO VR Treadmill will stop you from getting laid!

Think VR is a fad? Think again. Many companies are investing big time into the new realm of virtual reality. We managed to get time with one said company, Wizdish. Wizdish have made a Treadmill for the VR experience to enable movement in your virtual gaming life. We checked out the treadmill using Bethesda’s Fallout 4. We give off our impressions of the device along with a few words from the team behind the device.