EGX 2015

NBA 2K16 – Hands On Preview

We get our hands on with the latest big rubber ribbed ball release. 2K have been trouncing EA for a number of years in the basketball genre are they set to do it again? The game is out very soon so we got our chance to check out NBA2K16 and also some of the delicious looking booth babes. We have Kamran on hand to give us a hands on preview, expect some good insight here as he has played the previous NBA2K titles for a number of years. The stand out change in the preview of NBA 2K16 we managed to get our hands on was the new and improved character models. 2K sports have taken the time to go through the laborious process of inviting in players from the league to take part in full body scans and fuck do they look cool. Check out some of our thoughts in the following video.



Guitar Hero Live – Hands On Preview

Activision flogged the Guitar Hero brand like an overused spunk rag back in the days of the 360 and PS3. Too many guitar hero games saturated the market to a degree that the whole sub-genre died a death for a number of years. This year however both Guitar Hero and Rock Band are making a come back, with new visual styles harnessing the power of current generation consoles. And you know what? We’ve missed playing them. So we’re excited to see them return. Check our hands on preview video right now.



Crystal Rift – Interview with Jon Hibbins & Hands On Preview

We go hands on with Crystal Rift a grid based dungeon crawler. What’s more, it’s in full VR and you know we absolutely love VR. The full release will be compatible with the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR device. Expect puzzles, hidden rooms, pressure plates and plenty of challenges to keep you guessing throughout the game. How is the game looking, jump into our video and find out.



Homefront: The Revolution – Hands On Preview (2nd Chance!)

omefront: The Revolution was in developer limbo at one point and it is great news that we will finally be seeing a sequel to the underrated FPS title that saw America invaded by North Korea. Developed by Crytek and running on the Cry Engine expectations are quite big for this sequel and we got our chance to play a very early alpha of the game. How does it fare? Check out our second hands on video preview. This game was so dreadful at Gamescom we had to give it a second look. We’re hoping Crytek have improved their current build.



HTC Vive VR / Elite Dangerous – Hands On Preview

We absolutely love VR but the only VR device we have played up until this point is the Oculus Rift. In collaboration with Steam, the HTC Vive VR virtual reality device offers enough option to getting into the VR world that will start to arrive in 2016. Check our hands on video preview of the HTC Vive and we will sum up our opinions of this device against the Oculus.



Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade – Interview with Andy Wafer & Hands On Preview

We got our hands on the iPad version of Warhammer Freeblade, the on rails shooter that was demonstrated at the recent Apple Keynote event. We’ve managed to get an interview with Andy Wafer CEO of Pixel Toys who talks to us about what to expect with this game as well as explain why the iPhone 6S version of the title is definitely one to watch.



Andy Wafer Talks iPhone 6S, 3D Touch, A9 Chip, Metal vs OpenGL and More!

Andy Wafer was recently at the Apple keynote of the Apple iPhone 6S. He showed off the potential for the 3D touch with a new Warhammer game that is in development. We booked in time to talk to Andy Wafer in more detail about what 3D touch can do to push mobile games even further and offer a new control input that make new features with mobile games possible as well as how the A9 Chip performs, developing on Metal vs OpenGL, mobile battery consumption and the upcoming 4th Gen AppleTV. Check out the video now.



Bears Can’t Drift?! – Interview with Arran Langmead & Hands On Preview

We love a good kart racer. It doesn’t matter how many there are, we are always looking out for a Mario Kart beater. Bears Can’t Drift is currently in Steam Early Access and will be arriving on the PS4. This Kart racer has been themed with bears in mind, so you can imagine what some of the power-ups may be. The graphics are colourful and the kart handling is already better than many kart racers we have played before, so we rocked up and grabbed a developer interview to tell you more.



The Gamerscore Whores Play Rock Band 4 – Tenacious D, Tribute @EGX 2015

Harmonix is back and the war between best music game continues. Rock Band 4 is taking a different approach to Guitar Hero Live by keeping it’s core art style much unchanged from previous releases and focusing on sourcing a strong line up of tracks and keeping their core focus on developing the higher quality version of its peripherals. Can it fend of Guitar Hero Live? We have managed to check out both titles at EGX. So sit back, pull the plectrum from out of your ass cheeks and watch our video preview.



Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide – Interview w/ Daniel Platt Hands On Preview

There is a slew of Warhammer games playable at EGX. The brand seems to be kicking off again with a whole bunch of new releases. We get a hands on preview with Vermintide at EGX 2015. We give our opinions on the game and also talk to Robert Backstrom more about the game.In Vermintide, the city of Ubersreik is under siege as you will assume the role of one of five heroes, each featuring different playstyles, abilities, gear and personality. Working cooperatively,  you must use their individual attributes to survive an apocalyptic invasion from the hordes of relentless rat-men, known as the Skaven. Battles will take place across a range of environments stretching from the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire.



Unbox – Interview w/ Andrew Bennison & Hands On Preview

Unbox is an 3D platformer set in a world where self delivering packages are being trialled. Set in a number of worlds, Unbox sets to challenge these packages with it’s environments through a series of amusing and whimsical challenges. The title is currently under. Steam Greenlight and requires approval in order to be sellable on the Steam store. Given some of the garbage unity asset flips that  have managed to find their way onto the Steam store, we highly recommend you take a few minutes out of your day to upvote this title so it can get the approval it needs. The full game will have a single player campaign and a variety of multiplayer modes. Check our developer interview for more information and gameplay of the game. This game is quirky and one for your watch list, better still if  the game does go on sale, it can help potentially fund a console port.



Worms WMD – Interview w/ Adam Finlay & Hands On Preview

Want to learn more about Team 17’s next Worms title? We had a chance to interview who is one of the designers behind Worms WMD. Worms has a dedicated fanbase and in all honesty Team 17 don’t always hit the mark when they try new things. Worms WMD appears to have gone back to the days of Worms Armageddon with easy to pick up controls, an impressive weapon system and in this version of the game, the ability to use vehicles, which is a new feature. Check out our interview and learn more about Worms WMD.



Raging Justice – Interview w/ Nic Makin & Hands On Preview

If you are a fan of the 90’s brawling badass game such as Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and Final Fight then MakinGames Raging Justice Is just the game for you.
This classic side scrolling, 2D, beat up everything game has taken 4 long years to make and its certainly pulled all you loved from the genre and more. This game takes you into the criminal underworld where you have to use all your skills to pummel, smash and crash your way through the criminals, using everything from a Lawnmower to a bar stool. The twist is you can now play good cop, bad cop which means you can hand out some beatings or arrest the bad guys. So sit back and enjoy our hands on preview at EGX 2015.



Tom Clancy’s: The Division – Hands On Preview

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is a weird old game. Ever since the game has been announced they have used scripted audio to make this online sandbox shooter sound absolutely compelling, but remember, when you play this game online you aren’t going to get that scripted audio. With factions and random encounters this is Ubisoft’s take on the Destiny FPS model and we’re somewhat sceptical about how good this game is. We finally got our chance to play the game, so click the video and watch our hands on preview.



Aaero – World Premiere Gameplay Footage & Interview w/ Paul Norris & Steph Johnson

We get our hands on preview and developer interview with Mad Fellows who are bringing us an on rails musical shooter called Aaero. Mad Fellows are no strangers to this genre either. They released Sine-Wave for iOS not too long ago. We’re very much hopeful for this one as the Amplitude reboot for PlayStation 4 is looking like it has lost it’s way since it was out on the PS2. Coy about many details with the game, skip straight to our video preview to get all of the juiciest info for this potential sleeper hit.