EGX Rezzed 2017

Barry Meade Discusses The Room: Old Sins & the whereabouts of Omega Agent!

We spend some time with Barry Mead again this year where he tells us all about the 4th instalment of The Room franchise Old Sins, again this looks to be one of the best puzzler games on the Market, the game pulls out all the stops to make you think of different ways to get around the conundrums in this 3D puzzler, the game takes you on the journey into why an engineer and his wife have disappeared and now you must hunt for a precious artefact, leading you to a deserted home and a dolls house that you explore and manipulate to understand what’s happened. With an expected release date of late 2017 this one is certainly on our Christmas list for our Android and iOS devices.


Dick Wilde, the VR Gun Slinging Redneck!

We spend some time VR gun slinging, in this excellently titled game Dick Wilde. This homage to every arcade shooter is well placed in this perfectly created VR world, you play as Dick a baseball cap wearing American, who is being harassed by wave after wave of every swamp based creature you could think of. Lucky for Dick he has been given an arsenal of weapons to deflect the hordes of alligators, seagulls and the occasional piranha. This game gives VR shooters a fresh new look and really pulled in the crowds at EGX Rezzed this year all looking to get in on the action, certainly one to look out for if you are an early adopter to VR.


BeeBeeQ, Cookin’ Meat & Swatting Bees! Interview /w Martin Ashford

We grab some time with the creators of BeeBeeQ a VR Barbecue game that allows 5 players to swat it out, trying to stop a man getting his meat grilled. The game gives up to 4 players the role of Bees taking flight from the hive, and a single VR player who is being attacked while harmlessly trying to cook his meat on the grill. Immersed in the VR you are given multiple Bee killing devices including the classic fly swat and a brick. The bees are given the mighty sting as a weapon and the ability to respawn back in the hive after death. Could this be the mix of couch play and VR the industry requires? Only time will tell, release date expected this summer.


Serial Cleaner Teaches the fundamentals of covering up a murder! Interview w/ Jacek Glowacki

Do you enjoy spending your weekends cleaning up blood, recovering items of evidence and hiding bodies of murder victims, then Serial Cleaner is the game for you. This 70’s throwback has you play as the “Fixer” who cleans up murder scenes after all shit has gone down, the only problem is security guards and the police are already on the scene and you have to work in the shadows to clean up the mess, which includes hovering up blood splatter, picking up vital pieces of incriminating murder weapons and taking bodies back to your car and away from the crime scene. This simple yet effective murder strategy game really does impress and has you trying over and over again to clean up the level without being caught. Check it out hopefully coming Summer this year.