MCM Comic Con 2015


Executive Assault Interview with Robert Hesketh

Executive Assault is an indie RTS/FPS hybrid where you can build your own base and create armies, but also take control of your units in first person. If you loved Mech Assault and Command & Conquer then this one maybe worth checking out on Steam Early Access.


Eden Star Interview with John Tearle

Eden Star is a immersive first-person, survival creation game from Flix Interactive that blends innovative physics based combat, destructible environments and free-form construction with the exploration of a hostile alien world. We interview the creator behind the game to learn more and explore what this game does differently to Ark Survival Evolved and Rust.


Eternal Step – Interview with David Martin

At London Comic Con we got our hands on a Rogue Like Action Adventure title called Eternal Step. The premise of the game is to work your way through a series of rooms defeating enemies as you go along in an attempt to survive as many waves as possible. Along the way you can retain certain aspects of loot and equipment cards that you acquire to help you along the way to help you progress your way through the levels after each death. The game is a part of the Greenman Loaded published titles and we’ll be back later with a fully fledged review of the game. But for now this game can be picked up on Steam and you can find out all the juicy details in our interview with the community manager David Martin.


Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations – Hands On Preview Campbell

Adventure Time is without doubt one of the best cartoon series’s to have found it’s way onto TV set’s over the last decade, no developer truly harnessed the potential of the Land of Ooo. We’ve had some very underwhelming Xbox 360 games and a couple of half decent games on iOS but nothing in true 3D, until now. Jake & Finn is a traditional point and click adventure input into a free-roam world. This game oozes colour, check out our hands on preview before the game launches.


VR Karts – Interview with Neil Campbell

If you’ve been around here long enough, you will know that we absolutely love VR games. So we had the chance to catch up with Viewpoint Games and ask them a few questions about the game. Can’t wait for the official release? VR Karts is available on Steam Early Access right now, for those of you lucky enough to own an Occulus Rift development kit. Let’s race to the finish line and check out the video!

Steam Link


Lumo’s Cat – Interview with Steve Stopps

Aside from being our benevolent overlords, cats are known for their love of nip, climbing on things and sleeping. Lumo’s cat is one such sleepy moggy, however the poor feline’s dreams are turning into nightmares filled with evil mice, trumpeting and blaring to try and wake him up. A fast-paced strategy game, Lumo’s Cat sees you control minions inside the cat’s mind, scaring off the noisy mice before they disrupt the feline leader’s cosy nap. That was the description straight from the MCM Expo website, we tried hard to find every shred of evidence we could about this game, but we could not find anything anywhere. It’s as if Gary Glitter’s was cleaning his records from Google before a police sting.



TerraTech – Interview with Russell Clarke

TerraTech is now available on Steam Greenlight and we had our chance to play the game in a LAN environment. For those that don’t know about TerraTech it has the recipe to potentially bigger than Minecraft if it can get the audience base. Fans of Robot Wars will absolutely love this game, it has the creation aspects, resource mining and competitive action that should have people coming back for more. So what did we think? Check the video.

Steam Link



Splatoon is less than a week away from being released in Europe and the GSW team finally got their hands on Nintendo’s current gen answer to the shooter market. An arena shooter with a difference, Splatoon has you splashing paint all over the place whilst your character relies on the ooze to traverse the landscape. Is Splatoon a fresh take on the third person shooter, or is Nintendo pushing this game like crack to make up for it’s thread bare arsenal on a machine that is condemned to another poor selling death?


LifeSpeed – Interview with John Owens

Looking for a Wipeout game for the 3DS? WeeMan Studios are currently working on a title due out in August 2015 which might just satisfy that urge. The difference? The vehicles themselves fly, the nearest we can compare this game to is the N64 release Aero Gauge. Check out our interview with John Owens


Farming Simulator 2015

Now we know the last thing you want to do is get knee deep in cow shit, well not unless you have weird fetish for that sort of thing. And we also know that you don’t necessary want to drop a big cash wedge on a simulator game that could be absolutely dreadful. Thankfully 3 Giants Software are at the helm and they are one of the very few companies that create sturdy simulator games. So, whether you are from the west country missing a good rape seeding, or just love big throbbing vehicles with massive wheels then Farming Simulator might just be the game you are looking for…..maybe….err….I don’t know, why not check out our hands on preview.




There have been many Godzilla games released over the years and yes we are about to get another one. Arguably late off the very impressive remake film of 2014, this version of Godzilla is being developed by Namco Bandai so you can guarantee this game will certainly be an interesting one to check out. Is Godzilla shaping up to be an unsung masterpiece, or another piece of shit ported over from Japan that never needed to be released in Europe? Find out in our hands on preview.



Lego Jurassic World

Travellers Tales have been flogging the same packaged LEGO games more than Ubisoft’s yearly interactions of Assassins Creed. The question is, will this be another game factoring in just the lore from the films, or will this game actually bring any sodding new gameplay to the mix? Either way, this should be one of the more interesting LEGO games for awhile, who doesn’t want to chased down by a big huge T-Rex? We have our hands on impressions for you, right here in the attached video.