MCM Comic Con 2016

Tekken 7 – Hands On Preview

Would you believe that this is the ninth Tekken title from Bandai Namco? The title is earmarked to have some shape of VR support for the Playstation VR too. We got our hands on the arcade version of the penultimate Tekken game at London Comic Con. The franchise is to be put to bed after this game, the question is then, have they managed to bid farewell in style or has this Tekken game run out of ideas? Have a look at our initial thoughts on our hands on preview video.


Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade – Hands On Preview

The Warhammer franchise has had someone what of a resurgence in the past 12 months. With some excellent titles such as Fireblade and Vermintide, it goes without saying the iconic franchise is getting some true love right now. Behaviour Interactive is working on a shooter that mixes melee combat and gun weapons and the races that people have been dying to play with such as the Space Marines, Orks, Chaos Marines and Elders all in one juicy package. Where does this sit though against the other games we’ve played? Is it an accessible Warhammer game, or is it for the die hard fans?


Guity Gear X Revelator – Hands On Preview

You may be a fan of Tekken, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat and potentially have overlooked the Guilty Gear franchise. Revelator is the latest in the franchise to make it’s way to the Playstation 4 and my oh my is it shaping up nicely. Insane combo’s two modes of play, characters with detail unmatched arguably in any other beat-em-up game. Guilty Gear X is one to watch if you are a fan of these types of games, trust me. Give it a play and you will want to buy this game day one.


Veterans Online – Interview w/ Haroun Chrit

Dubbed a A competitive top-down shooter for those who enjoy energetic yet tactical multiplayer battles, Veterans sees the most proven and talented military combatants fight for survival and fulfilment. Nuked Cockroach Studios are trying to crack the addictive MOBA formula and whilst it’s early days they may well be on to something. It needs some work, but it could be one talked about for awhile. our interview with one of the developers behind the game and find out more about the game.


Pac-Man 256 – Hands On Preview

If there was ever a series that has been flogged like a dead horse it’s the Pac-Man franchise. Some have been good, others have been uninspiring. However, Pacman 256 when it hit the iPhone shows that Namco Bandai had a few tricks up it’s sleeve. The game is now going to be getting a console release and things are shaping up nicely. With multiplayer added to the mix and power-ups that alter the games mechanics, 256 is one to watch out for and it plays much better on a controller than a touch screen believe us! Check out our hands on preview right now.