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Forza 6 Burn Cards are Concerning

3 Sep , 2015   Video

It was great to see Turn 10 release a demo for Forza 6 and in our extensive 18 minute breakdown of the demo, one thing resonated with me more than the core game itself. Mod cards. Mod cards are a recipe for Free to Pay and that is quite concerning. The demo gives no indication that real money will be involved in gaining a tactical advantage on online multiplayer, or making the single player experience easier to blitz through but one thing is for sure is that Turn 10 are keeping very quiet on this issue.

No tweets, no e-mail replies, nothing thus far. And we’ve heard nothing on the internet so either to indicate whether the company will leverage on this potential money making opportunity. This isn’t the first time Turn 10 have used real-currency to unlock cars in the game and they came under some serious flack when Forza 5 released with an almost instant U-Turn on some of the draconian paid extra’s.

We cover this issue in more detail, as well as provide an in-depth analysis of the demo in our attached video.

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