Gamescom 2016

The Bunker – Interview w/ Simon Sparks

Remember the days of Live Action full motion video? It’s been awhile since we’ve seen many games playing with the idea as of late, sure we’ve had Her Story but nothing on consoles at least for some time. Splendy are set to change that with The Bunker, a live action title where you play s the last remaining survivor in a nuclear bunker. With a rich story line featuring actors from The Hobbit and Penny Dreadful this title is setting out to produce something palatable and professional, rather than B-Movie quality. Check our developer interview for more information.



Robinson: The Journey – Hands On Preview

Wondered what Crytek have been up to lately? Well, they have been getting in on the VR experience. Whilst many of the VR games so far have played around with survival horror and racing, Robinson: The Journey looks to explore an alien world. With gorgeous visuals, this title could be one to look out for on your Playstation VR launch day fix, alongside Omega Agent of course! Here is our hands on preview of the game.



Sniper Elite 4 – Hands On Preview

It’s time to crush some skulls with some long range sniper fire. Sniper Elite 4 is the fourth installation of the third-person-shooter. The game is set in Italy in 1943 and your job is to take down Nazi scum. The game will be running on native 1080p on consoles and you will be playing as Karl Fairburne fighting alongside men and woman of the Italian Resistance to free the country from Fascism. Check our hands on impressions of the game in our video preview.



ReCore – Hands On Preview

ReCore has been shown twice at E3 and our first taste to play the game is here at Gamescom. Produced by Keiji Inafune the man behind the disappointing Mighty No. 9 we are somewhat sceptical about this game. The gameplay shown at E3 2016 seemed a little uninspiring too. Well were we right to be sceptical? Or does this game cut the mustard? Find out in our hands on preview video.



Cuphead – Hands On Preview

Oh, hello Cuphead. It’s another Gamescom and you still haven’t been released. We check out Cuphead for a second year running after news the game has taken a new direction and in our opinion for the better. Cuphead was originally going to be a boss-fight based game, which would have been a crying shame as it’s old style cartoon graphics would have been a perfect platforming opportunity. Well, good news because Cuphead is incorporating some platform level mechanics into the title, hopefully in a form similar to the old Sonic titles. Did they do that? Here’s our hands on preview video for the full lowdown.



Gears of War 4 – Hands On Preview

The more we see of Gears of War 4, the more impressive it looks and whilst the multiplayer mode doesn’t seem to be revolutionary, the single player has clearly stepped up to the plate. Join Katie & Armik for our hands on preview video of Gears of War 4.



Dead Rising 4 – Hands On Preview

The quirky humour, the endless ways to kill zombie meat, we just love a slice of Dead Rising goodness. Microsoft’s announcement of Dead Rising 4 appears to have a Christmas theme this time around, so we cannot wait to slay a zombie with a tree and a santa sleigh. Will the weapon crafting carry over? Will Capcom bring back time based missions (we hope not). Check out our hands on preview video for a full lowdown of what to expect with Dead Rising 4.



Forza Horizon 3 – Hands On Preview

From the incredible open world, insane amount of cars, an absolutely blasting soundtrack, Forza Horizon is turning into a formidable series for Microsoft. We prefer it to the more simulated affair, so we have been salivating to get to grips with the next instalment of the series. Forza Horizon 3 boasts a more immersive multiplayer experience this time around too. We finally got to play it, catch our preview video for all the details and reaction. Pumped!



FIFA 17 – Hands On Preview

Whilst we played FIFA 17 and have already brought you a hands on preview of the title, we couldn’t pass up a second look at the game with updated code which will likely be of that released on the general public demo towards the end of August. We’ve already said that FIFA 17 is the biggest gravitation shift the series has had for over a decade, using the Frostbite engine, Konami will need to go into injury time to catch up EA Sports this year. Check our hands on preview of the Gamescom code right now and keep an eye out for our demo review in the coming weeks.



Sea of Thieves – Hands On Preview

Arguably our favourite from the E3 2016 press conference, Sea of Thieves is set to give a new twist on online multiplayer gaming action, as you set on a quest for treasure and set sail in your own pirate ship. Get ready for teamwork, get ready for epic sea battles and be prepared to plug the holes and repair your ship. With Microsoft recently acquiring a software partner that could enable multiple perspective game streaming, we are mega-excited to start streaming this one on Twitch. Check out our hands on preview in our swash-buckling video.



For Honor – Hands On Preview (Campaign Mode)

For Honor peaked our interest at E3 2016, it’s brief showing in 2015 made us shrug our shoulders but not anymore. This hack and slash video game that takes on tribes from across the world for the last resources of the planet is an interesting concept and looks to have some of the most interesting melee combat we have seen for awhile. Katie & Armik wrap up their thoughts in our hands on preview video.



Steep – Hands On Preview

Ubisoft’s announcement of Steep was one of the highlights of their E3 2016 conference. It looked so good it made us wetter than an otters pocket. Steep is an open world extreme sports title that mixes paragliding, sky diving, snowboarding and other disciplines into the mix. However Ubisoft appears to have played the same trick they did on Watchdogs with this title, after our play on the game was extremely disappointing.


PES 2017 – Hands On Preview

If there is one thing that Konami can get right, it’s usually PES. PES 2017 faces extremely stiff competition from FIFA 17 this year so we are eager to see how they can push the FOX Engine even further to make Pro Evolution Soccer even better. It’s made gallops forward with improving it’s online multiplayer components with MyClub and it’s free standalone version PS4 last year was a stroke of genius. What new gameplay features can we expect from this years title, how does it look and feel? We have you covered. Check our hands on preview video right now for all of the details.



Little Nightmares – Hands On Preview

We did wonder what that new iP was from Namco Bandai was that they kept so secretly. That ended up being Little Nightmares, an adventure platform title that has an essence of Lemony Snicket and Guillermo del Toro films about it. This game came out of the blue and surprised us with it’s beautiful visuals, creepy atmosphere and interesting characters. We cannot wait to find out more about the story line to the game and there is absolutely no question that the game is now on our radar. Puzzles without hand holding, horror style game play, this title looks to make Limbo and Unravel it’s bitch.



Gran Turismo Sport – Hands On Preview

Probably the most important game for Playstation VR to be a critical success, Gran Turismo Sport will deliver fans a first real taste of AAA console VR gameplay. Will the headset deliver an immersive experience, will concessions be made to the simulation? We’ve got you covered with all the juicy details in our hands on preview with the game. Check our video for more information.



Bioshock: The Collection – Hands On Preview

Just when you thought the days of remastering games this generation was over, 2K announces a Bioshock collection. But this is one we can get behind. The Bioshock franchise was absolutely brilliant (we’ll ignore Bioshock 2) taking us to a dystopian world and allowing us to play with a weaponry arsenal that was pretty unique until Dishonored was released. For those that haven’t played Infinite this game is an absolute essential purchase. We’re excited to see how the graphics and audio have been enhanced and have all the details in our hands on preview video.