Letter Quest Grimm’s Journey Remastered Review

3 May , 2016  

The Xbox One is exploding with new content almost daily, but when it comes to games that use your mental dexterity it’s still largely short. So when Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey arrived on the store we couldn’t help but take a further look.

The premise of the game takes the principles of Boggle and throws in turn based RPG elements to the mix. Think a word version of Puzzle Quest meets the side scrolling of 10,000,000 and you have Letter Quest in a nutshell.

So how does the game play? It’s sturdy and it works but whether it has translated well onto the Xbox One well is questionable. It’s a game that for the most part is incredibly slow paced and there isn’t a massive amount of excitement because the core quests themselves allow you as much time as you need to come up with highly complex words that enable you to take bigger hit points. Because of that, Letter Quest is a slow burner that will require your time and dedication not to be distracted by all the other games on the Xbox store.


It tries to make things more interesting with making your character upgradable, and you’ll need to purchase these upgrades through the in-game currency in order to get the highest star rating on each level, but even so it still feels as though there isn’t enough pay off to reward you for your dedication other than the achievements that can be unlocked in the game.

Graphically the game is all hand drawn, which looks nice, but there are very few animations in the game to dazzle you on screen, so don’t expect any impressive on screen fights taking place whilst you use your vowels and consonants.

In terms of content there is 40 stages which have 4 different ways to play, that can be anything from completing the level in a limited number of turns, or within a set time, but when things on screen look very much the same throughout it just feels like a grind.


As it goes on the Xbox One store, there really isn’t much else out there to compete with Letter Quest, so if you are looking for a word based game and you don’t fancy playing it on your smart phone or tablet, then it might be worth taking a look at.

Personally the game became boring all too early and found myself disinterested after several hours of play, I chomped through the easy achievements, purchased the dictionary upgrades, shrugged my shoulders and moved on to something all the more exciting.

It’s not the greatest word game out there, I still enjoyed the classic Popcap Game Bookworm Deluxe and that game came out years ago. A good effort from Bacon Bandit Games but the gamers wouldn’t have missed it if it never came out on the Xbox One.

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