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11 Jun , 2015  

The special live stream event from Oculus has now ended and whilst short, we not only got an insight into the partnership with Microsoft but also how Oculus intends to evolve and fend off Valve in the VR world. The Oculus Touch will compliment the VR experience offering a haptic feedback wrist controller which can be used for games that truly utilize experiences that will make full use of the wrist inputs. Bundle that with the best video game controller on the market, the Xbox One game pad and you have a complete experience that will serve all of your VR needs, no matter the game.


Not to be confused with a bluetooth ear piece!

The Oculus Touch have similar sensors to that of the outskirts of the crystal cove model which will sensor hand gestures; whether it be holding a gun, turning a key, clenching your fist, this input device has plenty of potential.


What the touch intends to do

The Oculus touch will enable you to manipulate in-game objects, the form factor has been made to be specifically lightweight to ghost you into a sense you are manipulating the space around you with your own physical hands. Oculus Touch will be fully demonstrated at E3 with it’s potential featuring a look at the Oculus Toybox which we speculate will be something downloadable come the devices launch on Q1 2016. What else did we also learn about the Oculus today? Well, that the device itself will have it’s own HUD for selecting games seamlessly without having to exit the device as pictured below.


A beautiful HUD display will come bundled with the retail version of Oculus.

The headset will also come with clip on-clip off headphones and will lighten the weight of the current DK2 version of the device also. And to throw further investment into Oculus game development, the company have announced a $10,000,000 investment for game developers to start making ground breaking experiences straight away. Given the Oculus is owned by Facebook, do not be surprised to see Oculus aggressively trying to dominate the space upon release. Now if only we can see support for game consoles! Do not rule this out, with today’s partnership announcement with Microsoft do not be surprised to see Oculus experiences for Xbox One, not this year, but perhaps at E32016.

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