Ep. 34 – More Cores, More Whores!

11 Jan , 2015   Video

In this week’s episode we discuss: – What We’ve Been Playing over Christmas – Kudo Tsunoda Returning To Xbox – The New Super Secret Xbox One Team – Better Xbox One ESRAM Access – A 7th CPU Core Opened Up For Xbox One Developers – The Xbox One SDK Leaks – Is Microsoft Doing VR? […]

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Time To Buy

Time To Buy? – DriveClub

9 Jan , 2015   Video

DriveClub has been out quite a while now and with the price decrease we ask ourselves, is this game worthwhile picking up now? We picked up the game to answer exactly that. Watch the video and get our opinions on what price point you should buy this game at.

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Gamerscore Whores Year End Editorial

30 Dec , 2014  

Now that the madness of November is behind us we can look into the new year with a much less busier game release schedule, and you know what? That is a good thing. The sheer plethora of game titles available at the moment is pretty much insane. Some of September 2014’s quality releases have simply […]


Comparison, Review

Halo 5 Guardians: Multiplayer Beta Review

30 Dec , 2014   Video

343 Industries have left us a little Christmas cheer, a multiplayer beta for the next generation of Halo multiplayer gaming. Featuring 4vs4 slayer on two small arena maps. How does Halo 5 multiplayer look? Find out in our attached video. If you are accessing this video from Turkey and cannot view the video please attempt […]



Assassins Creed Unity: A Broken Mess 5 Patches Later

23 Dec , 2014   Video

Ubisoft have patched the game four times, yet the game is still riddled with bugs and feels broken half the time you play the game online. Needless to say Ubisoft are so good at creating bugs that they even managed to create a bug in the Update 4 patch making some users have to re-install […]



Ep. 33 – Codename: Arcadia!

20 Dec , 2014   Video

In this week’s episode we discuss: – What We’ve Been Playing – Year 1 Xbox One Adopters – Microsoft’s Streaming Service Called Arcadia – Forza Horizon 2’s Storm Island DLC – The Winner Of Our 400 Subs Competition – The Crew’s Week 2 Chart Position …Plus we answer your questions, and much more! Check out […]

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PES 2015: Data Pack Update 2 – Tonne of New Content!

18 Dec , 2014   Video

Konami have released a new data pack for PES2015 including new player faces, teams, balls, boots and stadiums. Watch the video to learn more.



39GB Patch for Assassins Creed Unity is Ridiculous

16 Dec , 2014   Video

Assassins Creed Unity Patch 4 has landed with a staggering 39 Gigabytes of updates required. This goes down in console history as the largest gaming patch ever released. The question remains, are people ready for such gargantuan updates? HDD space, broadband speeds, download times…surely this simply isn’t good enough Ubisoft?

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Ep. 32 – Lizard Squad Vs. The Gamers!

13 Dec , 2014   Video

In this week’s episode we discuss: – What We’ve Been Playing – Far Cry 4’s Co-Op – Lizard Squad hacking PSN & Xbox Live – Assassin’s Creed Victory – Street Fighter V PS4 Exclusivity – Final Fantasy VII Comes to PS4 – The Crew’s Week 1 Chart Position …Plus we answer your questions, and much […]

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Opinion: Does Konami Care About PES?

9 Dec , 2014   Video

Whilst failing to break the Top 10 in UK game sales charts this week and FIFA sitting at No.1 we ask does Konami care about PES after releasing the game with a stripped down edit mode?



FIFA 15 December Patch Update

28 Nov , 2014   Video

How does Electronic Arts respond to the release of Konami’s PES 2015? In the only way EA could, a 238MB patch that makes the game even more enjoyable to play and a visual feast. Cast your eyes on our video overview which contains all of the new additions and patch fixes to make FIFA 15 […]



PES 2015 Review

25 Nov , 2014   Video

The war of wars on the gaming industry continues. The PES VS FIFA debate is truly on. Has Konami cracked EA’s cryptic code, or does PES require more refinement to be the best very best football game out there.

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