Sociable Soccer VR Hands on Impressions

22 Aug , 2016  

Minding our own business on our day off at Gamescom out in the distance was a banner for Sociable Soccer. Jon Hare was standing at his booth with a multitude of different units to play Sociable Soccer on. We couldn’t help but pop over and say a quick hello to Jon after interviewing him earlier this year for a feature piece on the game and a few questions surrounding his legacy in the video game industry which we’ll be releasing once we have a confirmed release date.

Much to our surprise he was there with a few Samsung VR headsets and our mind pondered on what might be underneath the goggles. It appears that Sociable Soccer really is going beyond the call of duty to be a multi-platform experience. When we asked him when the game was likely to be on sale things were still up in the air, but aimed at Q1/Q2 2017. So how does Sociable Soccer play in VR?

Immediately Sociable Soccer VR has been made accessible to be played as quickly as possible. Menu systems and fully fledged options are removed in favour of a more straight to the action approach. The default camera is of a stadium seating perspective that allows you to pan around the pitch with your head whilst you play. Action is of a fast and frenetic pace and Tower Studios are currently tinkering with making the game playable PVP via bluetooth. It has full controller support and everything runs seamlessly.


In terms of the play factor the goalkeepers are currently too strong and require some modification but Hare was already aware of this and those changes are to come. What was immediately noticeable was how quick and easy this game is to pick up and play, it’s drawing a whole new user base who’ve never head of Sensible Soccer before. Sociable Soccer looks to really be a brand and the time that is being taken on this game is an exemplary example on not rushing things. Seeing the core game for PC and Console take impressive shape from the code we played in December shows us that Hare’s vision behind this game is to create a new football legacy that is easy to play, has enough difficulty to master and could pave the way for a niche eSports game just like Rocket League.

Unlike Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, Sociable Soccer is being aged in the development process to be like a fine wine, to be that memorable taste that will linger for years to come, rather than a throwaway after thought. Whilst we have to wait longer for the game to release, I’m absolutely positive we’re going to get a much better product as a result, even back in December 2015 Sociable Soccer played as a better experience to all other Soccer games we have played recently outside of the FIFA & PES macro-products. This game is definitely one to keep on your watch list.

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3 Responses

  1. ryu_38 says:

    Kick off Revival is the best soccer game since Kick off 2!!!

    For novices, little kids & people who want a very simple-very easy game to play sociable soccer is a good choice.

    But saying that “S.Soccer is a better experience to all other Soccer games you have played recently”……means that you know nothing about soccer games… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Better write about something else…..

    • Katie says:

      Oh really?

      If we were to go back to the 90’s I would agree with you.

      But Kick Off Revival launched as a broken mess because Dino Dini rushed it. So rushed 90% of the sound effects were even missing.

      Your comment is clearly from the house of Fanboy, because you’ve provided zero logic as to why I ‘know nothing about football games’ despite I’ve played nearly everyone since 1994. From Liberogrande, Italia 1990, Pure Football, Red Card and other obscurities.

      So have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. ryu_38 says:

    Don’t get angry & call me a fanboy ๐Ÿ˜‰ it won’t change the fact that Kick off Revival IS the best soccer game!!

    Sociable soccer is a little funny arcade game, but saying that “it’s a better experience to all other Soccer games”….it’s really hilarious… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Even in the “no patched” version, K.O. Revival was THE best soccer game!!

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