Staff Picks: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated In 2018

29 Dec , 2017  

Now that we’ve all (hopefully) received our highly desired gaming-related gifts for Christmas let’s focus on 2018. While we don’t know everything yet, there are a few things our staff have their eyes keen on for this upcoming year.


Happy New Year Motherfuckers!




RDR really doesn’t need any introduction. Easily being one of Rockstar’s best games, a sequel has been talked about for close to 10 years now. Due to be released in Spring of 2018, we’ll finally be able to jump back into the Wild West in what seemingly looks like Rockstar’s most visually impressive feat to date.

Game Freak has an impressive track record for keeping a household name like Pokémon alive the past 22 years with their highly successful series of Gameboy games. This year’s Nintendo Direct confirmed that a flagship Pokémon RPG game is currently being developed for the Nintendo Switch, something that fans have been crying out for.

While PUBG currently holds the undisputed crown for the battle royale space, Sea of Thieves is hot on its heels to easily steal it away. With a beautiful art style, co-operative quests to loot and build your galleon as well as an online multiplayer battle arena where up to 60 of you and your mateys can battle it out, this is as close to a fully featured working version of PUBG you’ll experience this year!

Regarded as some of the best storytelling in modern FPS history with Metro: 2033 & Last Light – Metro: Exodus caught everybody by surprise during its unveiling on Microsoft’s E3 stage last year. Exodus boasts fresh new polished visuals ready for 4K along with the cold and eerie “Russian experience” that’s expected with a Metro game. Just make sure you have a 4K TV when this one is released!

What’s to say about this one… Capcom seems to be listening to their core fan base (finally) by bringing their timeless Street Fighter catalogue onto modern consoles, something that hasn’t been done since the PS2. 12 Street Fighter classics ranging from Street Fighter 1 (yes, One!) all the way up to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike will now be fully accessible on modern consoles including the Nintendo Switch. Online Play will be available for the 4 most popular – Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers, Street Fighter Alpha 3 & Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. At £30 this is an absolute steal for any die-hard fans.

I’m also excited about the Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Last Night.




Granted, I would either need to get a half decent spec machine, or a PS4 again to play this game, but Ni No Kuni II is exactly the type of unsung game worth doing that for. Level 5’s distinct RPG’s mechanics mixed with Studio Ghiblis art style and story. Ghibli isn’t in the helm for the sequel, but there is no reason to panic, Level 5 are seasoned pros with notches to their belt like the Dragon Quest series and Professor Layton. If you missed the original on the PS3, you can bet Level 5 will release a special edition with the original game on board. Just look at the gameplay and tell me what isn’t to like about this game? 

Ben Wasser and Rebecca Cordingley have been quietly working in the background in what I predict will be one fo 2018’s underestimated hits in Ooblets. The Xbox has been crying out for an Animal Crossing style game for years and Ooblets sets to do so in a way that not only takes core elements from Animal Crossing, but Pokemon and Stardew Valley too. With hilarious character design and a whimsical landscape, Ooblets stole my heart back at EGX Rezzed 2017.

One for the risky for 2018 piles, Cyberpunk 2077 is very unlikely to come out in 2018, but i’ve got such a large backhaul of games I need to play through, that I am happy to wait. CD Projekt Red have left such a mark on me since playing The Witcher 3 that any future game they develop should be looked at with a keen eye. What better next project for them than the Cyberpunk universe, set in the distant dystopian future, the chance to weave an impressive story with hundreds of interesting side characters is completed endless.

One of the best platformers of the Xbox 360 era, Team Meat were one of the original loved developers when the indie scene had its renaissance. Super Meat Boy Forever will bring more of that incredibly frustrating but addictive platforming action and hopefully another soundtrack from Danny Baranowsky. We’ll no doubt have a plethora of characters to choose from, great end world boss fights and probably another complaint from PETA. Bring it on.

I’m also excited about Metro Exodus, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Read Dead Redemption 2 and Sea of Thieves.




On a whole – movie franchise video games are steaming turds, focused more on pleasing fans of the movie rather than just making a decent game. Back in 2004 Treyarch managed to do the unthinkable and actually made a Spiderman game worth a play and it all boiled down to the web slinging and swinging, which they did an excellent job on. Fast forward and 2018 is looking super exciting because none other than the guys n gals behind Sunset Overdrive (easily one of the most underrated games on the Xbox system) Spyro / Ratchet and Clank are in the development hot seat. From the gameplay and the buzz from anyone who gets a sticky mitt on this is anything to go by, we might have a new standard to contend with!

I am a huge DBZ fanboy so it makes sense that this would make my list, but I can honestly say that if you are in any way a beat em up fan then you HAVE to give this a whirl!
Arc System Works might not be a Developer you are familiar with but they are legends in the gaming world (Everything from the Guilty Gear series to golden oldies like Double Dragon and Battletoads) and are now the guardians of the DBZ franchise. From playing this at EGX in Birmingham this summer, I can honestly say it’s probably the most frantic and satisfying fighting game I’ve ever played. You dont feel like you are just head butting a controller until someone loses. It does feel fluid and intuitive to fans of games like Street Fighter all the way through to the Xenoverse series that DIMPS did such an amazing job with! (minus a minor 3D stumble here or there).

I can tell you two things. This game is going to be way bigger than most people think and I am confused as to why I’m so flipping excited for this game to drop! British born studio Rare (Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie and did I mention Golden Eye?) are developing what might just be the dark horse of gaming in 2018. Visually it’s actually stunning in the truest sense of the word. From the character design to water effects that defy the technology it ticks every box I can throw at it, but im still a little baffled why I am so excited. It might be that in my old age I find myself gravitating towards Co-op experiences with friends in games, which is something that so many games fail to achieve. It could also be because I have a beard, one leg and enjoy the taste of rum in me chops AAARRGGHH!…… ahem. Look out for the GSW crew to start pillaging the seas on day one!

 I’m also excited about Far Cry 5, Skull & Bones and A Way Out.



This highly anticipated co-op only jailbreak story written and directed by the team that brought you the puzzle adventure game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, looks to bring back the classic couch co-op that I have missed over the past few years with its persistent split screen which should bring back a new dimension to gaming in 2018.

This year’s iteration of FC will take us to the mighty USA, where I hope the religious fanaticism and gun slinging Americans will bring a fresh new look and experience to FC after the failing of Primal.From the trailers there looks to be an ever-growing way to take back the county as its new Sherriff with aerial dog fights in flyable planes, and hand to hand combat with pitchforks and sledgehammers but I am also looking forward to the new animals this game will bring.

Bringing your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man back to console is Insomniac Games, this open-world game looks to bring a great new story to Spider-Man as its not linked to any of the recent films or comics, allowing us to web-sling your way thorough New York high rises trying to catch all the classic bad guys such as Kingpin.

  • FIFA 19

Hopefully FIFA 19 will continue EA’s refresh of the franchise, bringing even more real to life movement and game customisation in the career mode. We hope that these changes included giving the game more personal touch with better manager customisation, kit and badge creation, better aging player attributes and more varying dynamic weather and pitch conditions to add something extra to the game. Most of all a refresh of the Ultimate team making the packs cheaper and fairer… but most of all we need more celebrations!

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