Super Party Sports: Football Review

19 Dec , 2015  

I’m a lover of football and I am a lover of strategy which is why Super Party Sports Football peaked my interest. The game uses the principle of having to knock the heads off of your opponents with ferocious kicks in order to win a game of football set in a playing field similar to games such as Worms. You cannot score past the goal keeper until all his team mates are taken out. The strategy element really is comprised by navigating a few obstacles along the way and kicking the ball to your other players to find the relevant space and gaps in order to take your opponents down. The most difficult aspect of the game is trying to achieve all of this against a timer and that is where the game is fundamentally flawed on the console.


Super Party Sports is a great time waster on mobile devices and with it’s touch screen controls it feels more natural, throw the same experience onto the Xbox One and you have a frustrating affair that will test your patience to a point that you’ll rather throw something else on that feels ultimately more rewarding. The game feels unoptimised for a game controller, to get the required precision to take out your opponents in places takes longer than it would do with the travel required to do the same on a phone. This doesn’t appear to be thought out enough when this game was ported to the Xbox One. More often than not you are having to restart the level as soon as you make a mistake to compromise for the short amount of time you have to complete the level. Now, you can buy power-up aids to increase your time, but this costs 50 coins per attempt, but even still that isn’t a sure fire way to remove the frustration completely.

The game tempts you to keep playing by having a store when you can buy decorative items for your team when picking up coins but by and large you’ll want to spend these helping you progress through the game by using power-ups. To mix things up a bit the game includes obstacles in the game world which will pop the football, referees that will call a foul if they spot you with the ball and various item pick ups on the level which modify the balls physics to counter-act some of the obstacles put before you. However none of these items change the game enough to entice you to keep playing. To add to the frustration the game will provide level walls where you will need to achieve a certain amount of stars in order to progress to the next set of levels, and to be frank it’s time indie developers stopped doing this on budget titles because gamers these days consume and move on, replay value isn’t required on low price point games. If anything the level wall system detriments the game by making you replay the same levels in order to proceed further.


Graphically the game is okay, the sound effects can be annoying if you lose the level, it would appear your players are cry babies when they lose. Overall HandyGames create some fun mobile based titles but they really need to work on optimisation for consoles if they are going to succeed on the console space. I understand why they would want to bring their titles to places such as the Xbox One but some rigorous play testing should be done before publishing as simply porting games developed for mobile first don’t translate well using game controllers. If they increased the time enabled to complete a level and remove the level progression walls there’s enough uniqueness in this title on the Xbox store to warrant taking a look at this game, this could be remedied with a patch update, question is will they do it? Until that point we cannot recommend this game at all. By all means give it a whirl on your phone, but avoid it on Xbox.

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