Xbox One Elite Controller Delayed

14 Oct , 2015  

Off the back of our very own pre order we have some unfortunate news to announce. Microsoft have delayed the release date of the Xbox One controller. The new pad sports fully custom control mapping, triggers, d-pads and much more and is widely gaining notoriety in the eSports gaming community. With the delay shipment date […]

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The War on Twitch: YouTube Gaming Review

1 Sep , 2015  

Google or Alphabet or whatever the hell we call this faceless company anymore are never ones to let the smell of money pass them by. Twitch was an area that caught the company by surprise and it was only a matter of time before YouTube would expand itself to take on the likes of Twitch. […]

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Ep. 23 – PSN Hacked Again??!

30 Aug , 2014   Video

In this week’s episode we discuss: – What we’ve been playing – PSN monthly free games – Amazon buying Twitch – Did the Playstation Network get hacked again? …Plus we answer your questions, and much more! Join the conversation on our Facebook page: Or Tweet us at: @GSWhores

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