Apple TV 4th Generation Unboxing

30 Oct , 2015   Video

We unbox and take a look at the 4th Generation Apple TV which just so happens to play games! Join the conversation on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/poppingthegs Or Tweet us at: @GSWhores

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Podcast: Ep. 56 – FIFA 16 vs PES 16!

20 Sep , 2015   Video

In this weeks video podcast we discuss the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition and it’s impact towards the 4th Gen AppleTV, Invitations begin to go out for the Windows 10-based Xbox One dashboard Beta, Nintendo patenting a controller with shoulder scroll wheels, Konami ceasing all AAA game production, and which Football game holds the crown […]

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Podcast: Ep. 55 – Machinima and Some Sour Apples!

14 Sep , 2015   Video

In this weeks video podcast we discuss Foul advertising practice by Machinima, The new 4th-Gen AppleTV and whether it has a real chance as a micro-console, West London’s Heart of Gaming warehouse and annoying little save game bug in Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, plus what we’ve been playing. All this and more on […]

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Is Apple Entering The Console War?

3 Sep , 2015  

Whether you love or loathe Apple one thing’s for sure; they’ve shaken up every industry they have ever entered. Starting with the Apple 1 computer, they were brave enough to take on industry leaders IBM with an approach to computing that was “for the rest of us” as Steve Jobs once put it. That venture […]

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