Ep. 34 – More Cores, More Whores!

11 Jan , 2015   Video

In this week’s episode we discuss: – What We’ve Been Playing over Christmas – Kudo Tsunoda Returning To Xbox – The New Super Secret Xbox One Team – Better Xbox One ESRAM Access – A 7th CPU Core Opened Up For Xbox One Developers – The Xbox One SDK Leaks – Is Microsoft Doing VR? […]

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Assassins Creed Unity: A Broken Mess 5 Patches Later

23 Dec , 2014   Video

Ubisoft have patched the game four times, yet the game is still riddled with bugs and feels broken half the time you play the game online. Needless to say Ubisoft are so good at creating bugs that they even managed to create a bug in the Update 4 patch making some users have to re-install […]



39GB Patch for Assassins Creed Unity is Ridiculous

16 Dec , 2014   Video

Assassins Creed Unity Patch 4 has landed with a staggering 39 Gigabytes of updates required. This goes down in console history as the largest gaming patch ever released. The question remains, are people ready for such gargantuan updates? HDD space, broadband speeds, download times…surely this simply isn’t good enough Ubisoft?

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