Whore's Play

Titanfall 2 Pre-Alpha Multiplayer Whores Play

22 Aug , 2016   Video

We got our hands on the Titanfall 2 Pre-Alpha Multiplayer Stress Test to take a second look at the game but in our environment. Find out what we think in this extensive video where we play Bounty Hunt, Titanfall vs Titanfall and Hardpoint game modes on the Homestead and Boomtown maps.

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Stoked for Steep

1 Jul , 2016   Video

The game that saved Ubisoft’s E32016 press conference, Steep. We are extremely stoked for the release of this game. Boasting skiing, snowboarding, parachuting and free flying complimented with a Go Pro first person action cam view, Steep is shaping up to be one of the best extreme sports games we have seen in years. We […]

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