FIFA 17 Review

30 Sep , 2016   Video

Has EA managed to push FIFA 17 to new boundaries and give you an added incentive to buy the game this year? Or does this feel like another £40.00 minimal update to the series? Find out in our fully fledged Allardyce review.

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EA Have Made FIFA 17 Worse Since E3

20 Aug , 2016   Video

In some bizarre twist of fate EA Sports has managed to make FIFA 17 worse since further development has taken place from the demo shown at E3 and Hammersmith EA Play London. With spongey ball physics, CPU A.I incapable of making mistakes despite their limited star prestige, FIFA 17 went from a truly revolutionary experience […]

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FIFA 17 Gamescom Code Hands on Preview

19 Aug , 2016   Video

Whilst we played FIFA 17 and have already brought you a hands on preview of the title, we couldn’t pass up a second look at the game with updated code which will likely be of that released on the general public demo towards the end of August. We’ve already said that FIFA 17 is the […]

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FIFA 16 Difficulty Comparison

11 Sep , 2015   Video

FIFA isn’t just about online play. There are some FIFA players that like to enjoy the career mode, so the difficulty settings of the game become all important when it comes to how much staying power the game will provide offline. We take a look through all of the difficulty settings in the game and […]

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Fifa 16 – Women In Football!

28 May , 2015   Video

EA have announced that Fifa 16 will feature women’s football! Don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment and follow us at the below. Twitter: @GSWhores Facebook: poppingthegs Instagram: gamerscorewhores Website:

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