FIFA 15 December Patch Update

28 Nov , 2014   Video

How does Electronic Arts respond to the release of Konami’s PES 2015? In the only way EA could, a 238MB patch that makes the game even more enjoyable to play and a visual feast. Cast your eyes on our video overview which contains all of the new additions and patch fixes to make FIFA 15 […]



FIFA 15 November Patch 2 Update

24 Oct , 2014   Video

EA have surprised us once again with another Game Title Update 2 this week. And another 171MB worth of patch has been applied to the game and this game just keeps getting better and better. Watch the video to learn all of the updates that have been added into the game to make FIFA 15 […]



FIFA 15 October Patch Update

19 Oct , 2014   Video

Did you hate the FIFA 15 demo? Are you a PES fan or FIFA defector? You might want to take a second look at FIFA 15 since the October 14th 2014 Update. The core gameplay has fundamentally changed and for the better if you are a fan of a simulated experience.


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FIFA 15 Review

24 Sep , 2014   Video

Find out all the details other reviewers have missed with our penultimate review of FIFA 15. Have EA Sports created the best football experience to date?

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