FIFA 16 Review

20 Sep , 2015   Video

For a number of years EA haven’t really had to look over it’s shoulder at it’s competitor Konami. Whilst the PES series has been gathering momentum for the last two years, Konami have failed to capitalise on making up market share on the behemoth that is FIFA. As mentioned in our demo coverage things are […]

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Podcast: Ep. 56 – FIFA 16 vs PES 16!

20 Sep , 2015   Video

In this weeks video podcast we discuss the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition and it’s impact towards the 4th Gen AppleTV, Invitations begin to go out for the Windows 10-based Xbox One dashboard Beta, Nintendo patenting a controller with shoulder scroll wheels, Konami ceasing all AAA game production, and which Football game holds the crown […]

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FIFA 16 Difficulty Comparison

11 Sep , 2015   Video

FIFA isn’t just about online play. There are some FIFA players that like to enjoy the career mode, so the difficulty settings of the game become all important when it comes to how much staying power the game will provide offline. We take a look through all of the difficulty settings in the game and […]

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FIFA 16 Demo Review

9 Sep , 2015   Video

We have waited with baited breath regards to the release of the FIFA 16 demo. A chance to play the game in the comfort of our home and play plenty of games gives you a much better insight into how the game plays than at an expo with thousands of people waiting to play behind […]

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Fifa 16 – Women In Football!

28 May , 2015   Video

EA have announced that Fifa 16 will feature women’s football! Don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment and follow us at the below. Twitter: @GSWhores Facebook: poppingthegs Instagram: gamerscorewhores Website:

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