Podcast: Ep. 121 – We Unhappy Dukes!

28 Jan , 2018   Video

This weeks stories: A home-brew Nintendo Switch emulator nears completion, Could there be a possible Duke Nukem movie starring John Cena on the horizon?, “The Duke” Xbox pad makes a return, Forza Horizon 3 is the latest game to get the 4K Xbox One X treatment, Theme Hospital makes a comeback in Two-Point Hospital, We […]

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Podcast: Ep. 118 – T’was The Night Before Katie’s Arrest!

23 Dec , 2017   Video

This weeks stories: Xbox takes a page out of Nintendo’s book by introducing their own mobile party chat feature, Ghost Recon: Wildland’s Predator crossover event, Taylor Swift enters the mobile game arena, The Roto VR gaming chair finally sees a release window along with some “interesting” pricing, Our in depth thoughts, impressions and opinions during […]

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Suspicious about Ghost Recon: Wildlands

3 Jul , 2016   Video

Ubisoft played the audio scripting magic trick and a perfect game of Ghost Recon Wildlands to give off the illusion your game experience will be just as good. Debatable! We go into our opinions of Wildlands and give Ubisoft a roasting for once again playing the audio scripting trick.

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Ubisoft E3 2015 Conference Round-Up

16 Jun , 2015  

We’re hoping for something a little bit better than the EA conference that, lets be honest left us a little bit deflated. It was a poor showing from EA as a whole. Let’s hope things get better with Ubisoft.   South Park: The Fractured But Whole Ubisoft kick off the conference announcing South Park with […]

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