Ep. 41 – Half-Life 3 Doesn’t Need GDC!

11 Mar , 2015   Video

In this week’s episode we discuss: – Roto VR – Our EGX Line Up – Game Developer Conference (GDC) – …And Half-Life 3’s Presence There? – What We’ve Been Playing!   …Plus we answer your questions, and much more!   Join the conversation on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/poppingthegs   Or Tweet us at: @GSWhores

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What Will 2015 Bring For Gaming?

13 Jan , 2015  

There is no doubt about it 2014 ended as an absolute belter for gamers. From September onwards gamers were treated to some absolutely fantastic releases from all platform holders. There was something for everyone. It was a period of time where early console adopters could finally wipe the sweat from their brow and feel comfortable […]

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