Podcast: Ep. 107 – The 100GB Question!

10 Jul , 2017   Video

This weeks stories: Pokemon Go’s 1 Year Anniversary Gym Raid Upgrade, The SNES Mini is real, So is the Ataribox, Nintendo Switch gets it’s first Rockstar game, SEGA announce their Forever collection, The Life is Strange prequel gets answers to some crucial question, Nintendo do some damage control, Forza Motorsport 7’s 4K graphics come in […]

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Life is Strange: Episode 3 Review

22 May , 2015  

As you maybe aware we have been reviewing the Life is Strange episodic series to date, an interesting adventure title that tries to toe the line as best as it can to a story that would be fitting on the likes of the AMC network. And with those type of season shows comes episodes that will […]

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Life is Strange: Episode 2 Review

10 Apr , 2015  

When we delved into the world of Arcadia Bay and the mysterious events surrounding Max Caulfield (your character) we finished off the first episode with somewhat trepidation. Whilst the game pushes the boundaries of adventure titles both graphically and through it’s sobering storytelling, it was the sheer lack of cliffhanger impetus and underwhelming time rewind […]

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Life Is Strange: Episode 1 Review

21 Feb , 2015   Video

Developed by DontNod Entertainment comes a new adventure game that brings hollywood style graphics and a JJ Abrams like plot to the mix in a new breed of adventure games. How does the first episode pan out? Check our review.

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