Podcast: Ep. 93 – A New Rift at Oculus!

9 Oct , 2016  

In this weeks podcast we discuss the EGX Video Game award winners, The Oculus Connect 3 conference and the announcement of some new hardware, Phil Spencer speaking out about bad review scores and journalists using this as click-bait, The October PSN line up, Xbox One Rare Achievements, Twitch Prime Now on Amazon, Plus the games […]



Podcast: Ep. 57 – Ring of Sweat! (EGX 2015 Special – Feat. WhatGear)

27 Sep , 2015   Video

In this weeks video podcast we discuss the EGX 2015 Expo in Birmingham, Oculus Rift vs Playstation VR vs HTC Vive, All of the games at the EGX Expo, and we meet up with our friends Troy and Dave from WhatGear.net to talk about their experiences with EGX. All this and more on this weeks […]

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Oculus Announce Oculus Touch

11 Jun , 2015  

The special live stream event from Oculus has now ended and whilst short, we not only got an insight into the partnership with Microsoft but also how Oculus intends to evolve and fend off Valve in the VR world. The Oculus Touch will compliment the VR experience offering a haptic feedback wrist controller which can […]

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Oculus Rift, Xbox One’s Answer to Morpheus

11 Jun , 2015  

In a shock stage appearance from Phil Spencer,  the head of Xbox gaming has announced that Oculus Rift will feature a bundled Xbox One controller and support  full streaming capabilities for Windows 10 integration between the Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. This essentially means that Xbox’s One’s answer to Project Morpheus is indeed Oculus […]

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Ep. 47 – Kill The Faggot!

17 May , 2015   Video

In this weeks video podcast we discuss Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and whether a yearly release is too much, Nintendo making their first bit of profit in 4 years, New Xbox One 60FPS DVR recording, GTA V’s Video editor, Kill The Faggot game, Oculus Rift’s launch date and what we’ve been playing! All this and more […]

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Will HoloLens be the one VR device to rule them all?

16 Feb , 2015  

So here I am sitting in my 1 bed flat in West London thinking how on earth am I going to convince my girlfriend we need a HoloLens? With Microsoft’s recent announcement, it’s sparked a want in my life that will hopefully rejuvenate my boyhood/teenage dreams. Let me explain my self a little clearer, I […]

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