HOW TO: Use the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on Mac (or PC)!

23 Mar , 2017   Video

This very quick and simple tutorial shows you how to use your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on a Mac (or PC) with your favourite emulator! ============ Don’t forget to catch the podcast on iTunes & Soundcloud every Sunday!

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The Bunker brings back old school Point & Click, in a new way! – Interview w/ Simon Sparks

19 Aug , 2016   Video

Remember the days of Live Action full motion video? It’s been awhile since we’ve seen many games playing with the idea as of late, sure we’ve had Her Story but nothing on consoles at least for some time. Splendy are set to change that with The Bunker, a live action title where you play s […]

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Pix The Cat Review

5 Feb , 2015   Video

Do you love arcade games? Well, Pasta Games have launched a tasty fulfilment that will fill any void in your stomach for. Check out our Pix The Cat review and leave us a comment if you already own the game.

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This War of Mine Review (PC & Mac)

2 Feb , 2015  

In war, not everyone is a soldier. A suitable strapline then for 16bit Studios survival point and click title This War of Mine. Gone is the brutish war veteran character cameos, instead you control a number of war torn survivors in attempt to stay alive until the war ends. The game is suitably addictive, during […]

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Pure Pool Review

17 Nov , 2014   Video

VooFoo Studios pool title recently appeared on the Xbox One store, biting at the chomp for a poll game, this was exactly what was missing on the marketplace. But did we buy it too soon? Find out in our review.

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