Podcast: Ep. 73 – Ryu Kidding Capcom!

23 Feb , 2016  

http://www.podcastgarden.com/login/audio-4/4340/Ep73.mp3Podcast: Play in new windowIn this weeks video podcast we discuss the crappy Street Fighter V launch issues and missing features, The latest Xbox One dashboard update and it’s new features, PES 2016 acquiring the Euro 2016 licence, Hezbollah claiming ISIS shooting victory using Medal of Honor game footage, Carmageddon finally coming to consoles, the […]

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Free MyClub on PS4 is Genius

2 Jan , 2016   Video

Konami don’t often do things right, but what they have done with releasing a chunk of PES 2016 away free on PS4 is a stroke of genius. Given the mode is free to play and without intrusive micro-transactions (Please Konami do not let us down and change the current model) we can only see the […]

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PES 2016 Data Pack 1.0 Review

29 Oct , 2015   Video

We download the 1.0 gigabyte data pack 1.0 release from Konami and take it for a spin in our video review. Along with 70 new player faces, 8 teams, some additional boots, updated transfer signings and kit sponsors, the game has managed to also pack in a few gameplay tweaks for good measure also. Check […]

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10,000 GP Bonus for PES 2016 Demo Players

5 Oct , 2015  

Did you buy PES 2016 without playing the demo? If you did then you might be kicking yourself around about now as Konami is gifting 10,000 GP for anyone that has played the PES 2016 demo and then bought the full retail game on the same system. Purchasers of PES 2016 still have an opportunity […]

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PES 2016 Review

22 Sep , 2015   Video

The war between FIFA and PES has never been so closely contested. We get our hands on the full retail copy of PES 2016 much to our delight. Check out our full video review of PES2016 and be prepared to buy the game as soon as the video is finished!

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Xbox PES 2016 Missing Key Edit Mode Features Again!

21 Sep , 2015  

We are about to deliver our absolutely glowing review of PES 2016 later this evening but we’re left with a somewhat sour taste in our mouth from Konami. Adam Bhatti (Konami PR) distinctly mentioned that PES 2016 would address the absolute lazy arsed edit mode of PES 2015 and whilst PES 2016 addresses many of […]

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PES 2016 Demo Review

14 Aug , 2015   Video

We’ve already played PES 2016 at Gamescom, Germany but the consumer demo is now available on console shop fronts. And there is no better way to fully analyse a game than sitting down with it extensively in a comfortable environment. We know how important the franchise is for fans so we have brought you a […]

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