PES 2016 Referee Analysis

22 Aug , 2015   Video

One can never be too careful when refereeing an all important football match which is why after you sounded off in our PES 2016 Demo comments section about referees turning a blind eye to foul behaviour and just generally being lazy, we decided to dig deeper into this to see if Konami are cutting corners […]

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Winning Eleven 2015 Vs PES 2015 Demo Comparison

4 Oct , 2014   Video

We had a number of comments stating that the Hong Kong PES 2015 demo was better than the EU PES 2015 Demo. Which had us slightly baffled. We decided to play both of them one after the other, same settings for six consecutive matches to see if there really was a difference, or if the […]

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FIFA 15 Vs. PES 2015 Demo Review

22 Sep , 2014   Video

The battle of the footballing titans return. An argument that has fuelled the fire for gaming fanboys for over a decade. Which game is better FIFA or PES is what is constantly asked. We came in with an impartial mind being fans of both games and thrashed out our verdict.

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