The PS4 Pro Debate

13 Sep , 2016   Video

Will gamer’s wait for the better specs of Xbox Scorpio? Or crave better definition much earlier? We chime in on our opinions of the PS4 Pro announcement and ponder just how well this will do for Sony.

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For Honor Hands on Preview

19 Aug , 2016   Video

For Honor peaked our interest at E3 2016, it’s brief showing in 2015 made us shrug our shoulders but not anymore. This hack and slash video game that takes on tribes from across the world for the last resources of the planet is an interesting concept and looks to have some of the most interesting […]

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Sony Nails Playstation VR Price, Totally Hyped!

22 Mar , 2016   Video

Katie & Armik both pre-order Playstation VR as the £349.99 hits the competitive price band to make VR mainstream for all. We talk about our pre-order experience and get hyped for the final release. We also discuss some of the systems flaws and the plethora of the games on offer on launch day. Either way, […]

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Sony’s PS2 Emulation Outrage

6 Dec , 2015   Video

Sony’s trojan horse to make money from their fanbase continues with their flip on PS2 emulation. Fans expected for Sony’s PS2 backwards compatibility for PS4 to work with previous digital purchases and enable the firmware to read the disc, sadly not. This is another Sony cash-cow attempt. We break down in detail Sony’s missed opportunity […]

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PlayStation VR is Leading The Virtual Reality Arms Race

14 Oct , 2015  

2016 believe it or not is vastly approaching. It will be the year of VR. With what looks to be a plethora of choice available when it comes to Virtual Reality who exactly is likely to the company drawing the most success from this technological advance? Oculus? No, Sony. Whilst devices like Oculus Rift are […]

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Rocket League Review

20 Jul , 2015   Video

It’s been a long time coming but finally the sequel to Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars is finally here! The developer, Psyonix brings PS4 fans the game they have been screaming for. Those sitting on the substitution bench waiting for a reason to subscribe to PS+ better warm up their muscles as this is […]

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