10 Jun , 2017   Video

2D Sonic is BACK!!! A game 20 years in the making but the wait is almost over. Sonic Mania finally gets its official release date for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Windows. We discuss why we love Sonic so much and why 3D incarnations have hurt the brand over the years! This was taken […]

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Podcast: Ep. 106 – Payback’s a Bitch!

5 Jun , 2017   Video

This weeks stories: Is a Gold PS4 Slim on the horizon?, PS+ June Free games, Splatoon 2’s outlandish Nintendo Switch Headset, Sonic Mania gets a release date and price, Seagate launches a 4TB Xbox One HDD, Shadow Warrior 2 is now out for consoles but does it live up to the hype, ShadyArmik almost buys […]

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Sonic Mania is what Sonic 4 should’ve been!

24 Sep , 2016   Video

Sonic fans have been through tumultuous times over the last 15 years. From the dreadful Sonic the Hedgehog on Xbox 360, half-baked 3D attempts to beat Sonic Adventure and a myriad of average games over the years, it goes without saying that Sonic has had his fair share of having to pick up the bar […]

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