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The Road To Rage Quitting… | Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

5 Feb , 2018   Video

Join ShadyArmik in this multi-part series as he finally dips his dick tip into the world of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Equipped with his new Venom Arcade Stick and bucket loads of ambition, can ShadyArmik climb the ranks without breaking any more equipment in his house? Let’s find out..



Podcast: Ep. 117 – A Nice Tall Can of STFU!

11 Dec , 2017   Video

This weeks stories: HP Unveil the Omen – A VR Backpack, Player Unknown’s Battleground’s potential Frame Rate issues, More details on Street Fighter 5’s Arcade Edition, Mega Man 11 gets announced, Doom VFR’s disappointing control method, Prison Break Co-Op ‘A Way Out’ gets delayed, Details on Nintendo Switch’s upcoming Pokemon RPG, Far Cry 5 & […]

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Ryu Kidding Capcom (SFV Launch Day Woes)

24 Feb , 2016   Video

We talk about the launch day mess that was Street Fighter V and how Capcom dropped the ball with no arcade mode, server issues, jiggly tits, glitches and a half baked full game they expect people to drop over £40.00 for. Launch day issues have hurt Ubisoft after fans lost trust in disappointing AC Syndicate […]

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