Far Cry 5 Runs Like Dog Shit on PS4 Pro!!

26 Sep , 2017   Video

Armik & James finally get their mitts on one of their most anticipated games at EGX; Far Cry 5 which doesn’t run so well on a certain Sony console, at Birmingham’s EGX 2017 show!

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Assassins Creed Origins Xbox One X Hands On!

26 Sep , 2017   Video

Armik & Ashley get their hands on Assassins Creed Origins running in 4K on the upcoming Xbox One X to see if the one year break really helped bring the series back to it’s roots. We take a look at how the game ran in 4K at Birmingham’s EGX 2017 show!

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Steep Hands on Preview

19 Aug , 2016   Video

Ubisoft’s announcement of Steep was one of the highlights of their E3 2016 conference. It looked so good it made us wetter than an otters pocket. Steep is an open world extreme sports title that mixes paragliding, sky diving, snowboarding and other disciplines into the mix. However Ubisoft appears to have played the same trick […]

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Suspicious about Ghost Recon: Wildlands

3 Jul , 2016   Video

Ubisoft played the audio scripting magic trick and a perfect game of Ghost Recon Wildlands to give off the illusion your game experience will be just as good. Debatable! We go into our opinions of Wildlands and give Ubisoft a roasting for once again playing the audio scripting trick.

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Stoked for Steep

1 Jul , 2016   Video

The game that saved Ubisoft’s E32016 press conference, Steep. We are extremely stoked for the release of this game. Boasting skiing, snowboarding, parachuting and free flying complimented with a Go Pro first person action cam view, Steep is shaping up to be one of the best extreme sports games we have seen in years. We […]

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Bethesda, EA & Ubisoft E3 2016 Briefing Opinions

18 Jun , 2016   Video

Welcome to our mini flash-style report covering this year’s E3 conference. In this episode we discuss Bethesda, EA and Ubisoft’s conference in detail. Join the conversation: Facebook Fanpage @GSWhores Follow Us on Twitch

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Far Cry Primal Looks so Boring

5 Dec , 2015   Video

Another victim of Ubisoft’s inability to give one of their IP’s a year break, Far Cry Primal is a mishmash of confusion. Set in BC times weaponry is primitive but you possess the ability to control animals better than Steve Irwin. We think this game looks boring. Check out our video for our opinions on […]

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Ubisoft E3 2015 Conference Round-Up

16 Jun , 2015  

We’re hoping for something a little bit better than the EA conference that, lets be honest left us a little bit deflated. It was a poor showing from EA as a whole. Let’s hope things get better with Ubisoft.   South Park: The Fractured But Whole Ubisoft kick off the conference announcing South Park with […]

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Life is Strange: Episode 2 Review

10 Apr , 2015  

When we delved into the world of Arcadia Bay and the mysterious events surrounding Max Caulfield (your character) we finished off the first episode with somewhat trepidation. Whilst the game pushes the boundaries of adventure titles both graphically and through it’s sobering storytelling, it was the sheer lack of cliffhanger impetus and underwhelming time rewind […]

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The Crew Delayed Till 2015? – Gamerscore Whores Predicts

9 Oct , 2014   Video

The Crew has officially been delayed until December 2014 and it enters another closed beta stage to smooth out the countless bugs and glitches with the game. That is an aside from the ropey handling and audio narration that the game itself is suffering from in its present condition. But what other variables could also […]

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Podcast: Ep. 19 – This Is Our Destiny!

25 Jul , 2014   Video

In this week’s episode we discuss: – Rainbox Six Seige Live Stream – Xbox One August Update / PS4 v1.8 Update – What We’ve Been Playing – The Destiny Beta + In-Game Footage – The Gamerscore Whores go mainstream! …Plus we answer your questions, and much more! Join the conversation on our Facebook page: […]

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