The Virtual Reality PC Backpack!

19 Dec , 2017   Video

Snippet from The Gamerscore Whores podcast episode 117 ‘A Nice Tall Can of STFU!’ Where we discuss the HP VR Backpack apparently removing the need to have it connected to a PC because the backpack IS the PC!! Is this something you could see yourself purchasing? Whatever the answer, let us know in the comments […]

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Podcast: Ep. 112 – 3 Guys, 1 Arm!

8 Oct , 2017   Video

This weeks stories: Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey wants to make VR porn a reality, LG files a patient for a VR display that eliminates screen-dooring, Sonic Forces gets a price cut before the release date, A £100 HDMI cable actually worth buying, HTC bundling Fallout 4 VR with the Vive, Sony announce a new […]

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E3 Bethesda 2017 Wrap Up – Skyrim on Switch, Wolfenstein II, Fallout & Doom VR and More!

19 Jun , 2017   Video

Bethesda brought us the shortest E3 presentation but possibly the most unique with ‘Bethesdaland’ Join Armik, Ashley and James as we go through our best and worst bits of the conference! What were your highlights from this years conference? make sure you comment below. Do not forget to follow us to keep up to never […]

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What About The Xbox One X VR??

12 Jun , 2017  

Microsoft has now wrapped up it’s 2017 E3 conference and in typical fashion, have left a lot of mixed reactions. Some real cool stuff was announced like Xbox One X and it’s fantastic price of $499 in the US, and some others… a little lacklustre such as the lack of heavy hard hitting games. Regardless […]

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This ROVR VR Treadmill will stop you from getting laid!

25 Sep , 2016   Video

Think VR is a fad? Think again. Many companies are investing big time into the new realm of virtual reality. We managed to get time with one said company, Wizdish. Wizdish have made a Treadmill for the VR experience to enable movement in your virtual gaming life. We checked out the treadmill using Bethesda’s Fallout […]

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Robinson: The Journey – Hands on Preview

19 Aug , 2016   Video

Wondered what Crytek have been up to lately? Well, they have been getting in on the VR experience. Whilst many of the VR games so far have played around with survival horror and racing, Robinson: The Journey looks to explore an alien world. With gorgeous visuals, this title could be one to look out for […]

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Podcast: Ep. 81 – Homefront: The Devolution!

30 May , 2016 Play in new windowIn this weeks podcast we discuss Homefront: The Revolution being condemned by all, EA Access to be free during E3, Microsoft recycling old unused Gamertags, The reason why Star Wars Battlefront had no single player campaign, COD: Black Ops now backwards compatible, A new VR device entering the mix, Project SPARK […]

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Oculus Rift Pricing Gaff

10 Jan , 2016   Video

Palmer Lucky had to backtrack on the pricing of Oculus VR stating that for a PC and Oculus you could get into the VR game for $1500. With the cost of the unit starting at $599 will this put most off of VR gaming? We discuss our thoughts. Check out the site: Join the […]

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Podcast: Ep. 67 – Year of The VR!

4 Jan , 2016   Video

In this weeks video podcast we discuss our Christmas games and shenanigans, ShadyArmik’s opinion of the Nathan Drake collection, A worrying 3rd Party Xbox battery pack that charges in 60 Seconds, Our 2016 Game predictions, January’s Xbox & PS4 Freebies, Virtual Reality etching ever so close, plus what we’ve been playing. All this and more […]

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PlayStation VR is Leading The Virtual Reality Arms Race

14 Oct , 2015  

2016 believe it or not is vastly approaching. It will be the year of VR. With what looks to be a plethora of choice available when it comes to Virtual Reality who exactly is likely to the company drawing the most success from this technological advance? Oculus? No, Sony. Whilst devices like Oculus Rift are […]

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