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The Gamerscore Whores is a weekly video game podcast show available on a multitude of applications and devices. The podcast features current generation gaming news and a curated selection of notable selections from previous generations and retro. Covering all industry events from Gamescom to E3 as well as providing exclusive interviews with down to earth commentary and analysis. The podcast generally runs between 30-45 minutes per week with additional video uploads for individual video game reviews. Content used during the podcast and website is curated to an audience of between 16-35 years of age on average. The podcast is available in high definition 1080p at 60FPS every single week offering you the optimum viewing experience.



Armik Asheghian – Co-Founder, Host & Editor

Xbox Live: Shady HB

PSN: ShadyArmik

Switch: SW-7655-7346-8594

Steam: Shady HB

From the first time I played Jet Set Willy on the ZX Spectrum I knew games we’re for me. I was hypnotised by the 8-bit visuals and Midi audio soundtrack and knew I had to be a part of this amazing medium that I could control and manipulate. Video Games have come a long way since my younger days which is why there’s no such thing as a ‘Good’ or a ‘Bad’ game anymore, it’s more elaborate than that. It requires more reasoning, more justification, more understanding of not only the game itself, but why the developers coded it this way and what circumstances they were under at the time. In 2008 ‘The Shady Geek’ YouTube channel was created where I put my own personal spin on the industry and everything in it, however that horse has gone as far as it can thus The Gamerscore Whores were born.

  • Most Memorable Gaming Era: PC Gaming in MS-Dos – ‘The Dig, Doom, Big Red Racing, Jones In The Fast Lane’ etc.
  • Favourite Game Soundtrack: Super Street Fighter II / Sonic The Hedgehog 3
  • Most Sought After Sequel: Grim Fandango
  • Childhood Hero: Duke Nukem



Ashley Weston – Co-Host

Xbox Live: Ashley080886

Having finally jumped onto the Next Gen bandwagon I’m currently going through a Gaming Renaissance by getting back into the gaming chair properly after many years of casual gaming. My main interests are FPS (First Person Shooters) and Driving Sims but really I’m happy to play just about anything. My fresh outlook on Next Gen will give a real first-time opinion for people who have yet to move over and a real inside impression of how a game feels for those already knee deep in Next Gen goodness. I’ve a keen interest in Photography as well as up and coming Tech so this will come in handy for picking out the next big releases.

  • Most Memorable Gaming Era: Playstation 2: GTA III, Gran Turismo & Time Crisis II
  • Favourite Game Soundtrack: GTA III – Flashback 95.6 FM
  • Most Sought After Sequel: Crazy Taxi
  • Childhood Hero: Tony Hawk



James Bradbury-Hulls – Co-Host & Editor

Xbox Live: mustygoose1076

PSN: mustybruce

Switch: SW-5421-3152-1739

Steam: mustygoose

I am old…. real old in gamer terms. I grew up through 8 bit and mentally am still growing through 4k and beyond. An old school PC rig carrier, creeping around the LAN cafes searching for my next challenge. But then sought refuge in the arms of the giant black and green box they called X and never looked back.

I am now trying to re insert myself back into PC gaming, tho my love affair with consoles is far from over. My kids are all gaming mad so that adds to the fun. I am mad about anything First Person Shootery…. tho i also love indie games and anything that perks my geek radar.  Be careful tho, my tongue and keyboard are sharp and i would be lying if i didn’t enjoy passing the time arguing needlessly online, You have been warned!

  • Most Memorable Gaming Era: The late 80’s early 90’s arcade scene, from Rambo to Robocop, StreetFighter II to Pitfighter. Rage quitting back then might get you a punch in the face!!
  • Favourite Game Soundtrack: Halo 2
  • Most Sought After Sequel: Half life 2
  • Childhood Hero: Kevin Smith



Past Contributors

Over the years people come and go and their contribution to the website doesn’t go unnoticed. A big thank you below to some of our contributors in the past that have brought humor and their unique perspective to GSW.

  • Kamran Shirazi
  • Nosheen Younus
  • Katie Joell