Ubisoft E3 2015 Conference Round-Up

16 Jun , 2015  

We’re hoping for something a little bit better than the EA conference that, lets be honest left us a little bit deflated. It was a poor showing from EA as a whole. Let’s hope things get better with Ubisoft.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Ubisoft kick off the conference announcing South Park with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It could have started worse to be honest. A strong start from Ubisoft. Ubisoft still have their edginess with Aisha Tyler. The game will focus on your own character where the story focuses more about yourself rather than being the bit part in the game. This is all we know at the moment, but a great way to start.


For Honor
Viking/Samurai based combat game that features landscapes from different ages. This melee combat game boasts to make players feel the impact and the heaviness of the weapons. The game is graphically on par with the likes of Assassins Creed unity. The game has an intimate camera angle when engaging in combat and whilst it bears some resemblances to the Dynasty Warriors games For Honor certainly feels as though it has plenty of more strategy. For Honor will be available to play at E3 and early registrants can have a chance of playing the game early on console.


Expansion Packs
Wild Run expansion pack for The Crew. Monster Trucks are now featured in the game as well as drag racing and motorbikes. This looks like an expansion pack worth investing in. Trials Fusion has a bizarre new expansion pack called Level Max where you play as a Cat riding on a fire breathing Unicorn, bizarre but sounds like plenty of fun.


The Division
Ubisoft show off an area within The Division called The Dark Zone. In the Dark Zone you can encounter multiple factions that can either help or hinder you, at the same time you can befriend them and try and take their loot. It seems like an interesting idea but would require some type of explanation from Ubisoft on how this actually works within the game. There is definitely a sense of gauging whether it is worth risking combat in certain situations, especially when carrying loot. Dying we assume would mean you lose the loot in online sessions, which could have taken sometime to acquire. The game will also feature rogue agents who can pretend to be on your team only for the last minute try and scupper you. The Division will be playable at E3 and beta’s on Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year. The game finally has a release date for March 16th 2016.


Just Dance 2016
Do we really need to say more? The smart phone will now replace the camera required on the Xbox One and PS4. Brand new songs including Jason Derulo, kill me now! That is not the name of the track. Jason Derulo proves how crap he is at singing without auto-tune in this embarrassing performance. Available this October 2015. Wii U owners will be delighted to know that another game is coming out for the system.


Rainbow Six Siege
Angela Bassett steps onto the stage to talk about her role in Rainbow Six Siege. More multiplayer action is being shown off on the floor. It’s quite interesting to see the graphics of this game in comparison to what is currently available, either the graphics have been downscaled to make the multiplayer possible, but the game is certainly lacking in the fidelity we would be expecting. But that aside Rainbow Six games have always had the tactical prowess that other shooter games haven’t been able to replicate. We watched the Live Stream on Twitch earlier in the year, there is nothing too noticeably different from what was displayed apart from the map itself. The Rainbow Six Siege beta will be available on September 24th.


Trackmania Turbo
Unexpected from Ubisoft but an exciting announcement none the less. Track Mania Turbo. The game will feature over 130 different tracks in the default game, but it will also have a track editor. Trackmania Turbo is expected to be VR compatible and it looks like a game that would be perfect for VR. The graphics in places though are somewhat questionable.


Assassins Creed: Syndicate
More than just a reskin? When we saw the first game play reveal you could almost see instances of AC Unity textures seen within the game, but then with only 12 months between games are you surprised? The game is set in Victorian London with the CG trailer hinting at carriage combat and a grappling hook. The CG trailer is a comprehensive look at what we can expect in the game and despite all of the too many games in quick succession bug bears, the fact this game is set in London with cockney accents makes this game even more appealing.


 Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Ubisoft finishes off with another cracking announcement in Ghost Recon Wildlands. This game is open world but also has fantastic combat that is known from the Ghost Recon franchise since it went third person. Sky diving, multiple terrain vehicles it looks set to be another star performer for Ubisoft, no mention of any release date so we can expect this to release perhaps Q4 2016. We look forward to hearing more about this game as further conferences emerge.


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