What About The Xbox One X VR??

12 Jun , 2017  

Microsoft has now wrapped up it’s 2017 E3 conference and in typical fashion, have left a lot of mixed reactions. Some real cool stuff was announced like Xbox One X and it’s fantastic price of $499 in the US, and some others… a little lacklustre such as the lack of heavy hard hitting games. Regardless of what you thought of this year’s Microsoft conference, one question still remains unanswered…. Where was VR?

In 2016, Microsoft unveiled what was then Project Scorpio to the world. While our jaws hit the floor in excitement, amazement and in anticipation of the next ‘Most Powerful Games Console Ever’, they teased that this machine was built for a few things in mind; 4K graphics, 60FPS and Virtual Reality. However it seems Virtual Reality was nowhere to be found during Phil Spencer’s time on stage which begs the question, has something gone wrong?

Todd Howard for Bethesda has already confirmed that a VR version of Fallout 4 is in the works, so what happened? Rumours speculate that Microsoft may be outsourcing their VR headset solutions to 3rd Parties such as Acer, Oculus and HTC, but yet again the question remains unanswered. We can only hope that this isn’t another failed promise by Microsoft as Sony have their VR in place and ready to go while Xbox Gamers wait and wonder.

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