Winning Eleven 2015 Vs PES 2015 Demo Comparison

4 Oct , 2014   Video

We had a number of comments stating that the Hong Kong PES 2015 demo was better than the EU PES 2015 Demo. Which had us slightly baffled. We decided to play both of them one after the other, same settings for six consecutive matches to see if there really was a difference, or if the mind was playing tricks.

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3 Responses

  1. laith says:

    make PES 2015 for wii u

  2. andy says:

    Where did the difference come from? Confusion between Xbone version being 720p and PS4 version being 1080p and it was those two versions being compared by mistake? Of course when those same people find out that it was the 67% difference in resolutions between the consoles that they were having the issues with, they will SUDDENLY be identical now. ^_^

  3. Sara says:

    I have been playing PES since ps1 (winning evleen only at the time)I have 2 complains/questions/requests:- PENALTIES pes 2011 had absolutely best penalties ever, little harder to master but you could shot whatever you wanted(lob, weak, strong, low, high)!!!Pes 2012 penalties was disappointing couldn’t shot penalty in hard and low in corner! When playing against other human he could see where the ball will go low or high, leaving him only to guess the side!- INDIVIDUAL player setting to go in attack or defence (low, medium high), not whole team only!

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